Brown Bag Quilt

Part 3

Assemble Top:

Assemble the blocks together in rows of 4, with sashing strips between each block but not on the ends of the row.

Assemble the sashing strips and 9 patch blocks together in strips of 4 sashing strips and 3 9-patches in each strip.

Join the rows of blocks with a sashing/9-patch strip between each row

Inner Border:

Take one of the two uncut 2 1/2 yard strips. Sew across the narrow end of the top and cut the excess off even with the edge of the top and set cut off portion aside. Sew the other uncut 2 1/2 yard strip across the opposite narrow end and cut excess off even with edge of top, set this piece aside with the first piece.

Sew one of the border strips that you cut a sashing strip off of to one of the long sides and a second to the opposite long side. Trim excess off even with edge of the first two border strips.


Postage Stamp Border:

Sew the longer (22") 1 1/2" strips together lengthwise in random order, 12 strips in each. Then crosscut these sets in 1 1/2" units so you'll have numerous strips of 1" squares about 12" long. You'll need about 23-24 strips. Sew these strips together end to end in 4 sets, start with 4 12" sets for each end border and 6 12" strips for each side border. Check the length of one of the sets of 4 12" strips across the end of the top and add squares from one of the extra 12" strips as needed to make it the correct length. Sew across

the end. Repeat on the other end with the other set of 4 12" strips across the other end. Attach the side borders in the same manner using the sets of 6 12" strips.

Outer Border:

Attach in the same manner as the inner border. Use the two strips that you set aside from the ends of the inner border to sew across the narrow ends of the quilt for the outer border and the remaining two border strips for the long sides of the outer border.

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